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Update and warning to those of you who have placed orders with airsoftbuddy or are planning to.

I placed an order for some spare parts almost a month ago. I've been contacting him every 2-3 days for the past 3 weeks. I got 2 emails from him 2 weeks ago telling me that I would get a tracking number. Till this day, I have yet to receive any parts or my tracking number. 3 days ago I filled a claim with paypal, we'll see what happens. When I use to get my parts from ehobby asia, I would get them in 3-4 days from the time I placed the order.

Another member on this board has also had some problems. He placed an order and only after filing a claim did he receive the tracking number. He received his parts in 1-2 weeks time. However, my purchase seems to be a lost cause.

Just a warning to anyone thinking of buying from them. Their customer service sucks and their business is REALLY half assed. Honestly, if you're not equipped to do any sort of business. DON'T! I've heard that only 1 guy runs the operation, but that's not my problem.

I'll update you guys as I find out more.
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