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Using the search function on the top right corner of the ASC screen will net you good information.

Anyways, a M110 spring will net you around 385 fps, you should also look at changing out the plastic bushings for steel (solid, oiless, not ball bearing bushings). I'd also suggest a sorbo pad for your cylinder head.
This will suffice until your gears start to wear, or your plastic tooth piston looses some teeth (4-6 months depending on the abuse). Then you will be looking at having to replace the piston and the gears (possibly the piston head as well).

As for the battery.....avoid using anything higher than the 8.4volt, as using a 9.6 volt will increase your rate of fire and therfore increase the speed of which your stock internals wear. At some point you will be forced to change up your internals........ then you'll be safe using the 9.6volt.

If you have the budget, upgrade everything in one shot, and have some fun.


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