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Please Read It All, So you can stop freaking out

Most of you guys understand the actual topic of that episode and some of you are just turning it upside down.

For one thing that is clear this is mainly about Pellet Guns. Are you guys even reading Brian's post?

It is true Pellet Guns are much more easy to obtain and some of them do not need a permit.

Airsoft importation is already tightly regulated you think the RCMP doesn't have a profile on ASC members here? Look what happened to Will Wong from Specarms Airsoft and Ken from 007 as well the whole 2005 Debacle of Peter Kang. Those who have been through the worst times are still here. Games are still going on, people are still playing.

The main focus is PELLET GUNS! For example the ones you can buy at

They mean retail outlets such as the above. They are not talking about the things that go on ASC. To get Pellet guns some of them do no need a permit while some do, but you can just pick the non-permit ones if you are of age. And Pellet guns are not heavily regulated and are easily accessible. Airsoft is not easily accessible and there are no such official retail outlets.

So now why are you all going crazy about that? We don't have Pellet gun games here. And generally if Airsoft was so tightly regulated they would have even banned the clear guns. Yes the RCMP know all about the clear body airsoft guns and yes authorities do monitor ASC.

RCMP is not stupid they know about Airsoft. If Airsoft was deemed unfit for Canada it would have been gone a long time ago.

Touching on Brian's point, he is right I to don't see how a couple media pieces are going to change the whole Airsoft world. There were media pieces on Airsoft in the past. But this one is focusing on Pellet guns not Airsoft. So there is no need to leave the country or go in a bomb shell or cry Doomsday.

If you want to know what was more close to Doomsday read this
In 2005 people thought Airsoft was going to end.

My call to action is please stop getting all riled up. Relax, watch the episode and go send in any complaints or comments to CBC. No need to create an angry mob for no reason
- Pistolero Steve -

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