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unfortunately if all hell broke loose automatically the bleeding hearts will assume and accused the gun owners, they never blamed themselves for creating such a pathetic gun laws or even refusing to admit the criminal laws are outdated, what deterent can we have as a citizen when our own laws which are created to protect the innocent are constantly laughed at by the criminals?.

Recently a close family friend lost a son in a shooting at Market village, now the family is obviously upset as hell, but they also realise that if this individual is caught it will take years to see this person(s) being brought to justice even then the punishment of commiting a crime with a firearm is laughable, our jail system is laughable. I was brought up to believe that Jails are there to punish and reform the offenders but I have come to realise that our jails are nothing more than a huge solitary hotels where they are fed and cared for at the expense of the taxpayer.
Banning guns replica or not is as usefull as third tit, it's not going to stop gun violence.

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