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I don't know how old you are you sound like you're 12 or 14.

Attitude and maturity are a big part of this sport, not just shooting. Do yourself a favor and exercise some patience, it'll be more beneficial for you in more than just this game. Getting your mom to buy things for you is irresponsible for her and you. No matter what you or her say, kids are still kids.

Seriously though. Wait till your 18 or play paint ball in the meantime and build up a good sense of sportsmanship teamwork and then switch over, thats what I did. You'll have more appreciation for the teamwork and tactics required for this sport after coming from the world of paint ball which is largely unorganized

At any rate for the sake of advice,

I wouldn't recommend getting a sniper rifle as your first airsoft gun. They're a bit temperamental and your style of play as a sniper/sharpshooter ist very diffrent from an assulter or rifleman.

Alot of people reccommend getting something basic with alot of options as your first. an AEG like a Mp5 or your standard Armalite is probably the best newbie rifle.

But do your home work and wait to get into this sport after you learn more about it. You can get through an entire game, not fire a shot and still win. There's a hell of a lot more to this game than guns and shooting.
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