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Just heard the preview for it on the radio... went something like this

"Real guns are a problem, but recently there has been a growing concern about fake guns, guns that look just like the real thing but are much easier to attain and possess than their real counterparts- we sent ------- a 16 year old into a store, and twenty minutes and 175$ later he emerged, "What did you get? Oh a Walther ppk" These guns have been used in robberies, carjackings and other violent crimes, ------ was held up at her antique shop with what she later found out was a fake gun. "They told me it didn't shoot real bullets, that it was a bb gun, but i don't care, a gun's a gun" The trouble is in many provinces there is no legislation governing these fake guns, and schools have been having trouble dealing, There are police officers calling for bylaws that would make it illegal for anyoneJoin us tonight when we put vancouver police to the test in determining what is a real gun and what isn't tonight on marketplace.

That's not a verbatim recollection of what i just heard in the drive to work, but I have a pretty good memory and that's what i got from it... Things that stuck out

"18 years old to possess 'fake' guns"
"Easier to attain than a real gun"
"No legislation in most provinces"

Can anyone confirm/deny this factual accuracy?
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