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leadership skills

leadership skills
closet cleaning and found some old sea cadet note books,i shall try to list some of the useful info might help someone who's in a leadership role or someone who wants to get into one.

Leadership:is the art of influencing human behavior so as to accomplish a mission in the manner desired by the leader.

10 things a leader should work towards

1)archive professional competence.

2)self improvement

3)seek and except responsibility

4)lead by example

5)know your men,promote their welfare.

6)develop the leadership potential of your followers

7)make sound and timely decisions

8)keep your men informed

9)train your men as a team and employ them according to their capabilities

10)make sure your followers know your meaning,then lead them to the accomplishment of the mission.

Characteristics of a good leader


2)common sense/professional competence

3)energy and courage


5)genuine interest and a will to win

6)fighting spirit and a will to win

7)spirit of adventure

8)ability to maintain discipline and inspire devotion through:


3)attention to administration

4 Qualities of a Good Leader
1)integrity (honesty,moral soundness)

2)professional ability

3)self discipline

4)sense of responsibility

Mistaken Qualities of a Leader
1)physical stature



4)quick decisions





9)God like false image
i know i probably have a lot of mistakes but i shall try to add more to this thread tomorrow.Quinman.

feel free to add your own thoughts on leadership skills.and i would love to see the 48 rules,K,so feel free to add them.
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