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Originally Posted by Mr.Hitman View Post
I don't know what the reload is called, so I said the chamber check thing.
Spinning the gun makes the mag come out faster, and in a easy position to speed reload.

Anyways, I bet the STAR PMAGs won't last under a truck. LOL! But the STAR PMAG has that real steel look with that strip thing on the mag..

Anyways, more new stuff for the mags.
Just got back from driving over my star pmag with my SUV, didn't break or nothing. I didn't go to the extreme of parking on top and steering left and right though. Granted the 120 rnd is tougher, but not everyone plans on crushing the shit out of their mags or throwing it off the CN tower to see if it will break.

reload thing is debatable.

the strip thing.... you talking about the embossed image of a bullet and the caliber markings?
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