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Originally Posted by Daiviet View Post
The ABS ones are pretty solid, and if you're gonna get to the point where you're smashing your mags purposely on a concrete floor then you're doing something wrong. If they drop from a magwell during a firefight, nothing is going to happen to them, even if you're doing the Chris Costa reload.

Regarding that, Chris says that the tecnique isn't meant to turn the gun so the mag flies out, it just happens sometimes when he's moving quickly. The idea is just to hit the mag release so it falls out. Besides, why would you need to check the chamber for airsoft anyways
I don't know what the reload is called, so I said the chamber check thing.
Spinning the gun makes the mag come out faster, and in a easy position to speed reload.

Anyways, I bet the STAR PMAGs won't last under a truck. LOL! But the STAR PMAG has that real steel look with that strip thing on the mag..

Anyways, more new stuff for the mags.


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