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Originally Posted by xsyn7x View Post
well Kuro_Neko, i thought there would be some mature people on this considering it is about airsoft and not some troll filled videogame thread mimic but i guess i'm wrong, i clearly stated im a newbie and i have no idea, and i have looked around i was just asking for good advice and parts cuz im NEW, again like i said so don't try to be a smart ass

anways as for the Age Verification im basically screwed i live in Hamilton and most of those places are not near here and thank you Knives i thank you for your help
How was I being an ass? You asked what a FAQ was, I told you. Then I offered some friendly advice on how not to alienate a good portion of the forum members. You're outside the Newbie tank now, uber-noobish posts are just going to get you flamed. Though obviously you're not willing to listen to that advice. So be it, all I can do is offer it.

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