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Originally Posted by xsyn7x View Post
well Kuro_Neko, i thought there would be some mature people on this considering it is about airsoft and not some troll filled videogame thread mimic but i guess i'm wrong, i clearly stated im a newbie and i have no idea, and i have looked around i was just asking for good advice and parts cuz im NEW, again like i said so don't try to be a smart ass

anways as for the Age Verification im basically screwed i live in Hamilton and most of those places are not near here and thank you Knives i thank you for your help
Dude, you've asked some pretty dumb stuff, and granted the newbie thank is for that, so you've gotten answers. What the newbie tank is not for is to compensate for your own research. A forum is a repository of information, and if what you ask is 100% clearly in the FAQ's you'll be linked.

Why should we take the time to answer a question if you can't be bothered to read whats already written? We'll gladly help point you in the right direction.. but we're not going to do your research for you.

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