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Right at the top of this page there is a link marked FAQ. It stands for Frequently Asked Questions. In there is an answer to most of your questions. In the future you may want to try reading more and talking less. You'll get less animosity and have a much better chance of getting your questions answered when you do ask them because they will be intelligent, researched questions rather then questions that have been asked a thousand times and thus ones that everyone is sick to death of answering.

A bit of friendly advice, your comment that you don't want links but direct answers is about the worst thing you could have said. It's basically saying you want to be spoonfed rather then actually do your own research. That one statement there has probably earned you more animosity then all your noobish threads put together. Go read everything in the FAQ at least once before you post again. Yeah, it'll take awhile but most of your questions will be answered and you won't continue to alienate the community.

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