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Really confused about registration in airsoft

Hi, i am new to airsoft, i am a milsig paintball player, I love the sport paintball but i also into airsoft, i like paintball because of the paint when you get shot, but i like airsoft because of the true milsim that sometimes paintball can't get. But anyways, i am trying to buy a gun, and i went to the faq section of this forum. i read something about the registration and it just confused me. Do i have to register if i want an airsoft gun, because the thing is i can go to canadian tire and just buy one i know it crappy, i am not planning to but i don't think canadian tire i will ask me if i had register :S Is there any retailer around toronto that i can go to and just pick up an airsoft without so much hassle?? or i have to go through the registration?? Is there anymore important stuff about airsoft i have to know about. Also i live arouund in toronto and the only place that i only that have airsoft is a paintball place called defcon paintball, they have airsoft games on monday night, i am just wondering is there any other fields??

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