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Where to get a TM Glock 18C Extended Mag?

Hey guys. I may purhcase a CYMA 030 with a leg holster and 1500 bbs from someone near my location for about $100. I'm thinking about picking up a Extended clip and I read that the only extended clip for the Glock 18C is a TM Branded one that holds 100BBs. Ofcourse the TM mag will work in the CYMA gun. So it looks like I'll be buying the TM Extended mag.

Yet one thing, Where can I buy the Glock 18C (CYMA 030) Extended Mag? (I know that Im not age varified, but Im not sure if I need to be as this purchase is NOT for an airsoft gun. Its for an airsoft part. If this is against the rules, just tell me so.)

Someone please post a link.

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