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Kraken ak-47 help

Hey guys, sorry i know there are alot of threads on this and i have made a couple, it may be annoying but this is the last one promise, ok here we go

over long speculation i have decided i am going to go with a Aftermath Kraken AK-47, mainly because you can basicaly upgrade everything on it, and i plan to do that as i get more familiar

if you guys/girls could post links for any of the following upgrades...

>metal body
>wood kit
>tactial upgrades (rails, mounts etc)

it would be HUGELY <---prob not even a word, appreciated. I am a n00b, i need help, please help, thanks

ps. please don't send me links to other threads, i want my own direct
anwsers, thanks a bunch

psS. maybe this can help others looking for stright direct anwsers so give good responses
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