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Originally Posted by cantfindnameXD View Post
((I personally have heard too many odd stories from some of the Stat/Ares lineup to trust them.))

that is a bit confusing did you mean to say not to trust them or that they are a good make and it would be a decent buy?
im saying that i have read reviews about Star/Ares guns that dont make them out to be all that great, from disassembly to quality of certain parts used. I think your best bet would be to get a CA G36. i promise you wont be disappointed.

EDIT: the fact is, that none of the other company's guns will be able to compete with CA on an external level. Considering externals are the most expensive to replace and internals aren't, id definitely go with CA. It will last a lifetime externally and internals can be replaced as they wear (as would happen with ANY gun)
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