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Originally Posted by DONSTER 125 View Post
not to mention that any airsoft gun you try to order from outside of canada has the very high possibility of being seized and destroyed and you will not get your money back and your house will be blacklisted. That means that ANY mail coming to your house will be opened and searched

see this is something that has always confused me. if i get pulled over for speeding on my way to an airsoft game. and the police happens to see the gun cases or inquire or anything, what is to stop him from taking my guns away and arresting me for possession of a prohibited device?

reasonable search and seizure laws.

They stop you from speeding they can't demand to search your car for drugs unless you have bongs everywhere ie probably suspicion of commiting a crime.

As long as you dont have a gun sitting in the back, or as long as you dont have a case shaped as a gun they can't seize it... it could be anyting a trombone etc.

that and they can't make you pop the trunk
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