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Originally Posted by sharpshooter666 View Post
I may be in the wrong place, but please forgive me, I'm new to forums.
My mom agreed to buy a UTG M324 for me, since i'm not 18 yet. But question is : Where? I only found US only websites, so if someone knows, please say.
Under 18, nowhere. The Canadian airsoft community tries very hard to regulate the sale of airsoft guns to those who are 18 years and older. You will not find help on this board on how to obtain one otherwise.
Ah, and She also bought me a Walmart Colt MkIV Duty kit wich is clear, if i paint the guns black, (leaving the Orange tip) Would they be considered like ''Real'' Airsoft?
No. Guns you get at Walmart are VERY far from real airsoft in terms of quality and performance.
Again i have another Question, Is it illegal to play airsoft with Fully colored guns on a Private land (Ours ! And its Really Huge)? I mean, theres a part of it on the side of a public road, so if the police see us, will they arrest us?
Illegal, no. Bad idea? Probably. The cops will most likely sieze your guns at the least... at the most charge you with posession of a prohibited device.

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