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Question Few Questions here

I may be in the wrong place, but please forgive me, I'm new to forums.
My mom agreed to buy a UTG M324 for me, since i'm not 18 yet. But question is : Where? I only found US only websites, so if someone knows, please say.

Ah, and She also bought me a Walmart Colt MkIV Duty kit wich is clear, if i paint the guns black, (leaving the Orange tip) Would they be considered like ''Real'' Airsoft? (since i read the topic about Canadian Tire Guns)

Again i have another Question, Is it illegal to play airsoft with Fully colored guns on a Private land (Ours ! And its Really Huge)? I mean, theres a part of it on the side of a public road, so if the police see us, will they arrest us?

Sincerly, have a nice day everybody who will read this.

P.S. Forgive my english, I'm from Québec
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