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Originally Posted by Dragate View Post
well for people that have handled G&P, they usually say, GOD
LOL like most rankings of brands I've seen, G&P goes higher than CA and ya...
I will admit, G&P makes some beautiful looking guns. I can't really speak to the internals since as I've said, I've never used one. I've seen rankings that have G&P all over the place. It's actually kinda odd, for most of the other manufacturers there seems to be a general consensus on where their quality falls in relation to each other, except for G&P. Some put them barely better then ICS, others put them nearly as good as TM. *shrug* In a case like that all I can do is go by the money. Money-wise, G&P seems to be better then ICS by a good margin but not quite as good as CA.

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