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Originally Posted by Kuro_Neko View Post
I would debate on whether G&P is better then CA but it's definitely better then G&G. G&G is midrange of the midgrade guns. CA is about midrange of the highgrade guns. There's some argument about where G&P should fall, I've seen people put them anywhere from the highrange of the midgrade to the midrange of the highgrade. I have never personally handled a G&P so I can't speak from firsthand experience but as far the the trends in pricing in the classifieds go, the consensus seems to place G&P in the low range of the highgrade guns. Usually about a hundred or so dollars cheaper then CA guns.

G&G are mostly hit and miss. some of there guns are amazing like the Ak-47 they make. (all except for the gears the shear off way to flippin easy)

i personaly wouldn't put them in the midrange...
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