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Hi, I know this thread was started earlier by some other people but there wans't much on it and I'd liek to know more!

Are they in the same class?

First of all: What is the rep they have for internals/externals.

I'm looking to buy an m4 with a metal body, so I can get a G&P for 530 with the metal body, or a G&G for 300 + 250 for the metal body, in the end comes up to around the same thign with G&G a bit more expensive.

Is it worth it to buy the G&G separetely?
G&G has an 25000 rpm motor, decent gearbox with bearing bushings.
I'm not too sure on the m120 motor and gearbox of the G&P, could someone enlighten me?

I know for a fact though that G&P has metal hopup where G&G has plastic, but that's only a 30 dollar upgrade perhaps? But again, makes G&G more expensive. Same question asked: Worth it?

One more question, is the G&P wired to the front for battery? That's where I want to put my battery for my project.

Any other quality comments between the brands?
Anyone have any other comments on use?

Thank you!
I have answered my own question with my searching.

For anyone who wants info on this subject:

G&P is a whole other quality compared to G&G.

G&P is much better than KA, ICS and a bit better than CA, so people say.

It is a very reliable gun and is definately worth the money if you can get it for 500 like grim fandango was selling.

I would expect almost 1k for a G&P. Reinforced gearbox with 7mm bearings, allumninum air nozzel, Metal hopup, and lots of goddies.

Sorry for this new thread, delete if you may.
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