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Originally Posted by fred2028 View Post
Anyone have any experience or reviews with this gun? Stuff like

- Reliability (jams, motor, maintenance, etc.)
- Durability
- Actual feet/s and rate of fire
- Pros/cons
- Upgrades

Also, would it damage the internals if I used a 9.6 V battery instead of the 8.4 V it comes with?
9.6 from 8.4 won't make a big difference, especially not to the destruction of a gearbox unless this lao bing brands is as crappy as chopsticks are in the dollarstore...

Originally Posted by fred2028 View Post
OK I saw that, I believe I asked for user opinions and reliability, something your list does not show, and not a list of specs.
He actually tried to help you, unlike some of the other spoonfeeders and over sacarstics? Why the ignorant comeback? He gave you the specs, and basically it told you the reliability if you did any searching. All that metal listing... metal = better than plastic?
And since LaoBing is like JG rebrand kinda... with like JG metal parts and stuff... REALLY NEW, I doubt anyone on ASC would go for it, let alone know about it?

How do you plan on getting one, since metal receivers are not to be imported? Just get a JG, pretty stable brand now, lots of parts that are avaiable to replace/upgrade and stuff. Laobing is just crust right now as nobody knows anything about it. Contact bobtheangrypotato. He has lots of JG black m4's or Huang. THen pay like 250 for a nice metal body that are being sold every so often in classifieds.

Originally Posted by fred2028 View Post
So I'm guessing absolutely no one on this forum has any experience with JG or its M4A1?
... lol you said you googled right

n e wayz that question has been taken care of so yep

And for your opinions you wanted:

People are saying to stay away and just get a JG. 1 min of googling

Just don't ask anymore of these can i solder without a solder questions. That yahoo answers can fulfil

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