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behaviour on board

hi all .. well all in all there are some on the site that put on less than decent signatures like the use there blood for lube i feel is a bit to far out there if we are trying to portray a positive out look for people. If they give out this web site in the interview for people to go look what are people going to see. Not the age restrictions or the discusions about how we present ourselves to the public how we behave and dislike the people that ruin our sport. It will be what they see on our signitures that freak them out .. that we are crazed people unstable who else would want to pretend to play war and killing one another and say horrible scary things. everyone has there own reasons for playing mine is clear in my sig. we would all love to let loose some of our inner demons and let free speech rule the day. but ...???... like has been said many times there is always a catch to free speech and that is being responcible for what you say. do we want our sport sunk on silly things we don't truely mean just to get reactions from people?

For now till like paintball we move out of the grey and at least be tolerated we need to be squeaky clean better than everyone else and that reflects not only in our behaviour but what we say as well. An example my mother grew up in england during the second world war during the blitz saw friends killed playing in bombed out houses and there homes being bombed finding bullets and trying to set them off i have walked in the forest and seen how close the bombs came to there house the forest is no more than two blocks away. she does not understand why i like to play but knows i am responcible with my toy gun. also i have been a single father for a long time and i understand why people the moms and dads of the urban jungle fear us with all the war going on the crime rates high we have what looks like real guns we remind them of what they wish to forget i can see both side just hope we prevail.

sorry this is long but read if you want ignore if you don't but it's my few cents again grin

PS - we ask for others to have open minds but how is that going to happen if we are selves do not keep an open mind to others on the site trying to protect our sport. it feels like this when you see the closed minds :banghead:

respect is earned not given freely
I play with guns and pretend to make war to remind myself and others how easy it is to die in real life, so I honour the sacrifice others make on our behalf even if I do not agree with the policies that send them where they go, so I work to bring them home so that no one may ever forget what was done this and every other day and not to be just swept away as many people wish it would stay.
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