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The point is not to try to actually hurt other players but to have a fun time. If you can't get that through your head then there's no point.

If you play once or twice a week then that's already a lot more than me, and I've already spent a good $700 on airsoft stuff.

Also go with .2's trust me. .12's will tear up your inner barrel and fuck with your hopup. especially the ones you get from Canadian tire or w/e they're manufactured with seams which chew up your barrel every time one passes through it.

You should seriously consider getting AV'ed if you're 18. Honestly though, it sounds like you're 15 or something cause you won't listen and read what we've already spoonfed you. If this were the old "wild west" days of ASC without the newbie tank.... I'd just hate to think of what would happen.
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