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Originally Posted by turok_t View Post
Thanks for all your reply guys. I was thinking about mounting the G&G ACOG ( for either the G&G GR16 R4 Carbine or the ICS A1 RIS. Im not sure if it will fit on the top RIS of the gun and whether the front site will block the crosshair of the scope.

Ive seen many pictures online and if u look at the gun from a sideview, the height of the front site is as high as the middle of the scope. When I look through the ACOG/RDS scope, will I be able to see the front site at no magnification and with magnication?

Is it actually better to mount the scope directly on the rail or on the carrier handle?

Thanks for your help once again
To your first question, those should fit any 20mm rail, like those found on the guns you mentioned. I've heard Classic Army is slightly weird in their sizing though.

To the second question, you should be able to use the site perfectly regardless of magnification, ideally the crosshairs should either be touching the top of the front sight post or you won't see them at all because of the focus. As for where to mount, I'd say because ACOGs are kind of low and small, either get a riser to accommodate your goggles or whatever or do as you suggested and mount on the carry handle. Really though it's personal preference.
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