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Deciding which M4

Hey guys, so im deciding to buy an M4 carbine. Ive never purchased a gun before, but based on my research, here are some of the things I would like.

1. 6-position adjustable M4 LE stock
2. R.I.S with vertical grip
3. ACOG/RDS (Still undecided).
4. Carrier handle on top rail.
5. Two side panels to cover up unused rail on front R.I.S.
6. Mostly metal (lower receiver is plastic as by law)

Soo, Ive narrowed it down to two guns:

1. G&G GR16 R4 Carbine (However, i dont like how the battery is stored in an adjacent mag)

2. ICS A1 RIS ICS-22

So here are some questions I have:

1. What do you think of the 2 guns above and are there any others you would recommend that fit my criteria above?

2. Im not sure if its better to mount the scope on top of the carrier handle or directly on the rail. What do you think?

3. I like the appearance of the ACOG, but not sure if its better than the RDS. What do you think?

Thanks for all your help, but mostly, your patience as I have very new with this. I appreciate it.
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