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Originally Posted by Comanche View Post
This makes a lot of sense, but I see one problem: while people from outside the area can work to travel to the field, they can't do this that for three, four, etc linked events.
Or, those "preparative" events could be some kind of "simultaneous" battles organised let's say at Rawdon, for eastern players, and another at *place a western field name* for western players.

Now again it's a nightmare for organisation, but a cooperation beteen two teams could make it quite feasible. But still hard.
The way I was thinking the "Preparative battles" would be encounters leading up to the main day. So that if you were not able to attend all the games it would not be an issue (other than the stress of missing a game you really really wanted to play in).

For example,

game #1 could be an 8 hour game in which red team and blue team battle to find pieces of a downed spy sat.

game #2 (a week or so later) another 8 hour game (maybe even on a different field) Red team and Blue team battle to control key positions on the field.

game #3 (once again a week or so later, at yet again the same or even yet another field) a 12 hour Game in which the team (Red or Blue) that managed to control the most positions from game #2 have to defend fixed positions against the other more mobile team.

game #4 (same time gap as previous) This is the BIG 24/48/72 Hour game.
Each teams base camps, respawn points, starting points, game "Props", what ever, are determined by the results of the previous games (with some fudging by the "creator of the game" to keep things some what fair). Information that was recovered from game 1 has an effect, results from the battles in games 2 and 3 also have an effect, on missions ran, points and missions from previous games have an effect on what each team can do.

If well planned each event would be a chapter in an on going story, and if you miss one you can still attend the other, or if you wish even switch sides to play on the opposite team. Fields could even run single skirmishes during a day/night of play, with the result being sent to the event organizers so even if you never make it to one of the "BIG" days of play you are still adding to the continuing story.

I come from a back ground of paper and pen role playing and have always enjoyed a continuing campaign, rather than just a series of non connected adventures.

Hope no one minds my ramble. And if anyone is interested in help with something like this PLEASE let me know, would be more than willing to lend what ever help I can.

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