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Originally Posted by Danneichh View Post
hey, thanks alot vfr, that seems like the best way to go, at least until i can come across a metal receiver, which like you said, won't show up any time soon. another question i have is if anyone knows just how well canadian ICS's perform? since getting into this sport, all i've heard is that Tokyo Marui's and Classic Army's are the best, but i can't seem to find any in canada. i'd like to get me a TM G36C, but i can't find jack. so, i've found a decent number of Canada legal ICS's on, but i dunno how well they perform. anyone have any input?
As compared to Tokyo Marui's Classic Army, i would say better then TM but not as good as CA. I haven't heard very good things (my local airsoft shop won't even sell them because they hate them) and i have a friend with one and it breaks all the time. But idk maybe they're ok and i've just heard the bad? Or maybe they stepped up thier game as CA did?
I would get AV'd and get a CA. I have one and 30,000 rounds later still shoot's perfectly. Very durable gun that won't let you down.
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