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Originally Posted by Lotech View Post
I have now painted the clear plastic body and mag.

If i may ask, what kind of paint did you use, and how did you apply it? i'm not much for clear guns, and it seems like i could just get an ICS M4 A1, and paint the silly clear part black, but i wouldn't mind knowing what i was doing before i did it.
I just used regular rustoleum and krylon paints for when I painted my buddies krakens, Theres not really much to it other than applying the paint proplerly. Read the directions on the can for suggested distance on spraying. That, and work in adding thin, multiple layers. be patient and you'll be happy with your results.

(A kraken I painted for a freind)

Anyway, For my question :

I've been hearing the latest Krakens have a lot of inconsistancies with parts and are growing less compatable with TM internals, is this true? I'm looking to buy another kraken as a frankengun to experiment with (Learn how to upgrade and such))

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