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Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
Besides looks, are there any performance differances between a stock TM ak 47, TM m4a1, and TM sr-16?
Stock performance should all be the same, as Japan has laws thats regulate an airsoft guns joule output.

Essentially there are only a only differences between the three, one of those differences is where they house their power supplies.
On the AK its housed in the stock, on the M4 it is housed in the foregrip and in the SR-16 it is housed in the stock as well, the one is difference is.

The next difference is mechbox shells, the AK will use the v3 while the two armalites will use v2 shells. People have commented that the v2 is the weakest shell on the market but I tend to dissagree for my own reasons. As is stands if left stock, or even with a minimal prevanative maintence upgrade the v2 shell should last and perform just as long as the v3.

The final difference that I can think of would be hopup adjustment, the AK will use the sliding style hopup while the armalite will use the armalite turn dial hopup.

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