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Originally Posted by notom66866 View Post
Besides looks, are there any performance differances between a stock TM ak 47, TM m4a1, and TM sr-16?
Back to topic, Let me give you a few basic answer.

-AK 47 in general, reliable gun even the clone do the job quite well too. It's using V3 mechbox which is better than the V2 mechbox plus it's using big battery so you don't need to carry a few battery for the whole day game. one is quite enought.

-M4A1 in general, Most common gun that everyone has one even the noob who jus start airsoft has one as well. It's using V2 mexhbox which is the performance is somehow lower than V3 mechbox because of the design. It's using small battery which mean you have to carry a few of them for the whole day gaming.

-TM SR-16, it's basically the M4 in the world of airsoft because you don't need to change the internal of the gun to become the SR-16, it's just the matter of apperance. So basically, this gun has the RIS front set which is give advantage of mountng any accessories and plus it's full stock so that mean, you can use big battery for long lasting in gaming day.

I hope, it help you.

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