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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Managing resources over a long game would be a challenge

Pulling units out to force rest .. making sure everyone is fed and watered..

This coupled with the fact that commanding airsofters is like herding cats...

logistical.. battle managment worst case scenario

When do we go?
IMO, airsofters should be managed like the mujahadeen do. The commanders organise their missions with the jihad mindset: mujahadeen are there to shoot stuff, kill the infidel invaders and go home. Missions must have simple goals and releive must be ever present.

That, or go the opposit and enforce very strick rules for squads and commanders, to avoid people from wandering the field on their own, and the dead from respawning alone. I tried it in OP Backstab and it worked very very well. Locked squads with a chain of command. It worked all day for 99.9% of the players. (except for "Alpha-7"... that did not understand how a team work...)

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