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I know that this is the Newbie Tank and all that...but you've got to try a little harder to understand what some very experienced people are trying to tell you.

* Set your hopup for whatever field/ranges that you're about to play at.
- if it's Defcon...set it at Defcon. Shoot from one end to the other.
- if it's a larger more open field...reset it for that field (it might not need much, but it's worth checking)

* It only takes a minute or two...once you get the hang of it.
- Some people have the visual acuity to see the bbs as they fly away from them...others don't. Shoot into a dark background with light behind you (i.e. shoot into the treeline at a field with the sun behind your back)...that'll help.
- You don't need to be aiming at something specific to get your hopup set (and for a lot of people it actually helps not to be aiming through their sights when setting their hopup). Just hold the rifle level, aimed in a safe direction. Head up and looking off a couple of shots and watch the flight path of the bbs. Adjust your hopup accordingly.
- Once the flight path is set...then adjust your sights to hit where you're aiming.
- If you're really having a problem seeing your shots...have a buddy stand behind and just to the side of you while you are shooting. Same with adjusting your sights after setting the hopup.
- Unless you're a steady off-hand shot...go to at least kneeling position while you're'll help.
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