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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
No ghillie area? May I ask why this is?
Red Deer when it was in its infant stages of airsoft (2001ish) had a few guys who wore ghillie. I don't think they even had sniper rifles but ghillie cause they likeed the look of it and how well it worked. Well they decieded that if you can't feel it then it doesn't count. Also if they weren't paying attention it would just disappear into the burlap and this caused issues between players naturally. Thus to eleminate any further problems ghillie were banned from Red Deer. But you can still have head scrims and personal netting to hide in so long as it isn't placed in a manner in which you cannot feel the bb. Now this is the story to the best of my knowledge since i wasn't playing at the time, Cortexburn even has it in his sig. Calgary I believe does allow ghillie but not 100% on that.
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