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To summarize this thread
1) buy an AEG first, always
2) never buy a clone sniper rifle
3) good sniper rifles can end up costing more than upgraded AEG's
4) sniping is a patience game
5) FPS means dick, the real measure of a gun is in the quality of its internal parts (a well upgraded AEG at 300fps can outrange and outperform a chinese 470fps sniper rifle)

And just to further CDN_Stalker's post, my VSR outperforms upgraded AEGs other sniper rifles and I only put 300$ into it
But of course you need to know what your doing
I was playing for 2yrs before I got my VSR and I still didn't think I'd be any good....who knew? lol

So take the time to learn the dynamics of outdoor play, see how things work from the riflemen end of things before you try a sniper. Learn all the downsides of being a sniper firsthand. And definitely don't start sniping at 470fps, start out at 380 or 400 and get used to it; nobody is your friend when you accidentally shoot someone in neck from 15 feet away with a 470fps rifle!
And just because the limit is there, doesn't mean you have to be at that mark, after 6 months of play I still like having my VSR at 400fps

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