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Originally Posted by vfr86 View Post
excellent advice guys. thank you. as far as the gun thing goes, i just like to be able to see and feel something before i buy it. so i'm kinda worried about buying a gun from SketchyDude69 that lives thousands of km's away in BF nowhere. although ive heard nothing but praise about amos, and he's local.

and good call on the NDP comment, rocksteady. a choice yes, and a poor one indeed.
I was alittle worried about shopping online for such big purchases when I started too. But the community self-polices like nothing else I've ever seen. Age verification is done in person with government ids, so the staff have everyone's personal info in case of trouble. This also stops people from making multiple logins to scam with. You deal with anyone that has a decently high number of positive trader reviews and you won't get burned. We're a very tight-nit community. Anyone that scams anyone else here basically throws him/herself out of the sport. Pretty much everyone in Canada that plays airsoft is a member of ASC, if someone proves themselves untrustworthy, no one will ever play with them again. Or do business with them either.

As long as you do your homework so you know what you're looking for and what you're getting you're fine. As to gun type, all airsoft guns work pretty much the same so it's all about what you like. As to make, well that all depends on your budget. If you can afford it, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui and to a lesser extent G&P are great manufacturers to go with. If you're on a limited budget then JG, G&G or ICS are worth the price and will serve you well enough.

Kit is good, but a good gun is better. Alot of people will probably disagree with me but if the choice is a $200 vest and a G&G gun or a $70 chest rig and a CA gun, I'm going with the latter every time. When I started all I had was my gun, I got the best I could afford (a CA). For the first couple of games all I had was my gun, a hicap and dark clothes. Then my bank account recovered and I slowly got the rest of my kit: chest rig and mags, drop leg holster and sidearm, CADPAT camo, shooting gloves, etc.

The gun is the most expensive part of this sport and really the only part that is truely needed. The rest can be gotten as you can afford it.

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