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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
It's a good idea to get yourself equipped properly before getting a gun. That way when you get your gun, you're ready to go.

Get whatever camo you like best. You seem to be on the right track with what you're looking at. Woodland or CADPAT are good options to start with as they'll work well in your area. For a vest, you've got the right idea look for something either in OD. That's pretty versatile, as is coyote brown. These colors are good as they work well with most other camo patterns, of if you get another BDU down the road, you don't need a different vest. It's also smart to by a modular vest right away. That way, as your needs and guns change, you just need to get new pouches to adapt. It's a bit more expensive than buying a cheap vest in the short term, much cheaper in the long.

And also, be sure to get good boots. That seems to be so understated at times when talking about gear. There's nothing that will make you more miserable in the field than uncomfortable boots that make your feet sore and leave them covered with blisters. Running through woods and stuff, you need comfortable boots with good grips and good ankle support. I have 2 pairs of CF boots and I really like them. You can get them for a reasonable price at surplus stores.


most noobs only care about "what first gun should i get" or "is this a good gun thats upgradeable" etc. get some gear guys, no matter what, you will always need gear, this means boots, BDU and something to hold your mags in etc.

the jeans and a hoody thing is kool sometimes for smaller skirmish games but it's kinda annoying to see ppl in it all the time, put the same effort into your kit as you do into buying that kool new toy
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