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Time for a super noob question

well, i'm completely new to this sport, but i've always been a bit of a gun fanatic, and when i stumbled across airsoft, it had me hooked right away. so, here's my question, and i'm hoping to god this doesn't get deleted, i couldn't really find a solid answer to this in any of the faq's, and being someone who really wants to get into the sport, i feel the need to ask this: where exactly can i find decent new airsoft guns? i'm really eyeing up the Tokyo Marui G36C or M4 A-1 with the R.I.S. handgrip, but i can't find any dealers, though i don't really know exactly what i'm looking for. Many of the weapons i've seen are made of clear plastic, but, as i'm sure most of the people on this forum will agree, i want the all black mostly metal versions. Is there anywhere i can find these without buying used from somebody? or are there any liscenced canadian retailers, even small ones? thanks!!
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