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I'm just looking for a have decent gun to go out to my cousin's cabin and shoot each other with. They all have around the same quality as the Kraken and with the it being the 30 FPS version I'm not looking for it to do much more that shoot. I hear what you are saying with it being more like a tune up gun than a starter gun but if I start diving in with the guns that you need to be AV for my cousin and his friends might start to hate me. This would be my first AEG but not my first airsoft gun. I received a cheap spring M4 from my mother last year to take out to the cabin. Yes I will probably get verified after I play a bit with an AEG and have some games under my belt.(Renting the places airsoft guns) But I feel the process of getting AV and buying a gun off here before I have actually played a game of airsoft is not worth the effort if I decide that I do not like airsoft in the future. I will take in to consideration what you have said and I thank you for your imput.

Smasher 225
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