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Remember that the beauty of the Kraken and what it's good reputation is based on is not its initial quality as a starter gun. It's the fact that it's a cheap upgrade platform to a better gun. It has a lot of very useable parts that on their own would cost almost as much as the Kraken itself to buy separately. And it allows you to upgrade it one piece at a time until without breaking the bank. Then in the end, you can have yourself a nicely upgraded and reliable metal and wood AK that shoots every bit as well or better than a stock plastic TM at about the same price. That's what's so good with a Kraken.

I don't think that as a starter gun it's a very good gun. It's good for a tweaker who has another gun and wants as a cheap project gun or loaner. With some basic cleaning, shimming and regreasing, it can be a good gun, but stock it's hit or miss. And this basic preventative maintenance is out of most noobs' capabilities. And even moreso when it breaks and they don't know what to do to fix it.

Once you're 18 and age verified, you'll see that for not a whole lot more money than a Kraken, you get get something that's a much better starter gun. And if a Kraken is really what you're after, you'll even find lightly used Krakens that have had the initial maintenance performed on them. You're much better off going that route than with the Kraken you're looking at...
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