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Originally Posted by Darin View Post
Thanks for all the help. Sorry I haven't been able to respond. (Busy work.)

For the one who said near red deer, as a matter of fact, I live in Calgary. May I ask why this is a no ghili zone?

As an AEG, I would think Electric is the most viable?

I can get a G&G MP5 for around $315.00, after that I would probably go ahead and buy a sniper, even if I don't use it in a war its still fun to shoot random shit.

Hows it like carrying a sniper, mp5, a pistol and some ghili or gear...?
Lot of stuff to carry, I even do the full sniper role in my BDUs, is more about working alone, learning to move from place to place using the camo you are wearing, moving very slowly whe needed, knowing that more players aren't very observant nor quiet............ Get an MPA5, will serve you well during any game, as well as when you move on to sniper related training and duties. I've only ever owned two AEGs in my 6 year airsoft history, an MP5A5 and an MP5SD. Both are still seeing LOTS of use, have outranged even longer barreled guns, and are compact enough for indoor use (I prefer one of my G19s for that, and my KSC Mk23 GBB a my silent 'sniper weapon').
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