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Originally Posted by Darin View Post
Thanks , how was starting as a sniper? Hit me up with what it was like please. If I am to get a sniper I am still unsure of which I will be purchasing.

Where can I buy upgraded parts.

Also, thanks Rock`N`Rolla for your significant amount of help, I appreciate you spending your time to help a noob like me.
It sucked really, learning curve of just the first day was brutal, getting pointed in the direction of targets buried in the woods and not knowing where they were or able to find them, hearing an AEG going off and dropping to the ground even if not near me................... was loaned an M4A1 for the second half of the day, got a couple kills, but still, we were playig in really thick brush and short windy trails, so obviously a sniper rifle will suck at first under those conditions. My Mp5 is my primary, my G19 is my secondary, my M24 is my special gun to use when I can get away with it, it's slung on my back 90% of the time. And yes, ALL day long, even if it weighs around 14lbs.
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