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Yet another update...

So I finally got the G&P outer barrel in so I could reassemble the gun. The screw that holds the magwel base on with the nub that holds the front of the mag in (those who have worked on TM type M14's know what this is) goes INTO the mechbox and the thicker Guarder enhanced tappet plate I installed jammed up on it. Snapped the tappet plate in half. I did some tests and it turns out even if it wasn't jammed it probably wouldn't have worked because the tappet plate was too THICK for the space inside the mechbox shell. So the area around the gears is a lot wider than a TM, I have two of the thicket shims on each gear plus some thinner ones to get it shimmed right, yet a TM spec tappet plate is too wide.

I also tried to put in a Guarder steel T-selector as the stock one is made from even softer metal than the TM one and I installed aftermarket solid gears (instead of the hollow sector gear that is stock in TM and this gun that doesn't rub against the T-selector.) Turns out they decided to change that part from standard TM as well, the Guarder lever doesn't fit with the stock mechbox shell.

Long and short of it, stay the fuck away from this piece of shit EBR, get a G&P or King Arms. Parts I have replaced due to shit quality are:
-piston head
-cylinder head
-tappet plate
-spring guide
-inner barrel
-outer barrel
-stock pipes (not replaced but need to be with G&P steel ones)
-battery connector

At this point I am looking at getting a reinforced mechbox shell to fit things properly. That would make the only mechbox related parts that are stock ECHO1/KART to be the trigger, safety, motor mount, and the springs on the outside of the mechbox.
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