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Originally Posted by Krusty View Post
In my experience most players don't last 8 hours let alone 24 hours without a break. At BWIII this year we go 8 hours non-stop and break for 3 hours to let it get dark for the night scenario which is another 3 to 4 hours. Shut down the op over night and start up the next day.

Last year at BWII I watched the players coming and going from the UN Safe Zone and after 4 hours people were dropping like flies on a flat wooded area like Harms Way. Imagine running up and down stairs for 8 hours at the Hospital in Picton carrying all your gear.

Now for those guys in the reserves and in good shape they can handle 24 to 36 hour of non-stop pounding but for the average airsofter a 24 hour non-stop game equals injuries especially knee and back.

Anyways just my two cents.
Agreed. LT.Poncho ran the senarios for OP:CT one and two, like a flow chart (whom ever won the last objective would set up the next objective down their side of the flow chart). He controlled the tempo of the game so there were several hours of enguagements on a couple of fronts which led to one big objective, then would give the team that one the objective a chance to rest up by defending the objective. Then the next mission would allow the other team to defend and rest up.
Lots of things going on during day light hours, and then slower, "optional", objective missions through out the evening. After dark was left to recce patrols and rogue units scrimming it out for control of strategic parts of the field, but no point based missions. This gave the rookies and noobs a chance to rest and recover for the following mornings' missions. Team sign up was set up so that there were set roles (garrison, recon, assault) and each of these units were also cycled so they could have a chance to rest if they wanted.

One of the keys to a longer event like two / three days would be to stagger missions/objectives and allow for optional "bonus point" missions through out the slow periods (time where the majority of the forces would be sleeping or eating), this way the vets or die hards could get in the extra field time that they are accustomed to (or to challenge themselves) with out running everyone ragged to the point of exhaustion (which a Krusty pointed out, leds to injury), and yet allow those noobs (or out of shape fellows like myself) to contribute to the point missions and potentially make a difference, but still enjoy the experience of the event.

The other big factor is for all the players to be prepared for something like this (the proper gear and kit), and don't push themselves beyond their limits.

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