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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post
As you already have contact with LT.Poncho, ask him about the OP:CT evets he ran back in the days. 26 hour events with organized on and off field sleeping areas. Each teams base was set up with people bringing their our tents etc, with a strick googles on at all times rule. The only time that your goggles could come off is while you were in your tent with the "door" zipped secure. Tents were not to be intentionally targeted by enemy fire, so goggles had to be worn while you were cooking, etc.

There was also the off field safe zone, which held the usual safe area rules such as barrel plugs on, mags out, etc... This allowed players a safe haven to relax and replenish their supplies that they did not want to drag out onto the field (spare rifles, parts, tech tools, coolers, spare clothes). Each "off field" safe zone was at oppisite ends of the field, which help keep intel on how many enemy forces (for example) were on or off the field off the record. During the second OP:CT, each base was set up with only one safe zone....the on field safe zone. This was a strick no fire zone, no shots in, no shots out. It worked, but with the large amount of new players getting into the sport, I'd advise avoiding this type of set up. The other problem with this set up was that we had to walk the entire length of the game field and right past the American base camp to get to our cars.

As for the potential night operations during these two events.....oh mann, just as RUGGER and Stuart about the incident with the night shift security detail guys whom Stu had provided NVGs to...what a laugh. Then there are the raids on the bases followed by morning radio calls from game command asking if we had "acquired and American equipment" through out the night. Boots, AEGs, and almost teh American flag were borrowed from right out of the American base. And then there were the Recce guys who took turns sleeping on overwatch of the enemy bases, the snipers such as Raven (team Bad Karma) who kept tabs on the comings and goings out of our base all night, reporting everything back to the American CO.

There is a lot of potential in a multipul day event, but you'd need to hold it on a very large field in order to keep it from turning into just a really long scrim.

I was not at this game, but I saw all the pictures and eard about it. I was sad to miss it at the time, and I still remember it.

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