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couple of questions from a newcomer.


my 5 friends and i have decided to start seriously airsofting. the only real thing I've done is get verified, and now were all kinda stuck on what to do next. we have been looking at different BDU's and gear, and we all kinda like the US woodland pattern, complimented with OD vests, knee pads etc, as this will go well with Manitoba landscape. It also appears that we are going to wait until Cabelas starts carrying G&G this spring before purchasing our primary weapons, so i have lots of time to absorb knowledge.

i noticed a lot of people are on different teams on this website, and especially here in Manitoba. considering i don't know a whole lot about the politics of the sport, so go easy here gentlemen, but does it make sense for us to go rush out and just buy gear cause we like the way it looks/performs? im just thinking if we show up to play an op in the spring and get put on a team, are they gonna be like OMG WTF if we aren't rocking CADPAT? or does anything go for the most part?

also, id really like a G&G M4 to start out with. is this a good choice?
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