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Originally Posted by Sha Do View Post have no idea!! Not to jack the thread, but the best was when Wildcard started cooking breakfast for the American forces. Poncho and Morb hopped on the radio, calling for an unscheduled 1 hour cease fire... so they can they can eat undisturbed.
We were like, WTF do you mean, cease fire!! five of use crawl out from our hiding spots in side of the American base.
Oh mann...the looks. priceless...
The real annoying thing is that Wildcard was cooking them eggs and serloin for breakfast.....

Thats awesome man. I can just see it in my head haha. I'm hoping something like this will go down. As for me, I need to get in a few games, to get the feel for it all before I hop on the bandwagon. Come to think of it, I need to buy some new Camo haha.
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