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In my experience most players don't last 8 hours let alone 24 hours without a break. At BWIII this year we go 8 hours non-stop and break for 3 hours to let it get dark for the night scenario which is another 3 to 4 hours. Shut down the op over night and start up the next day.

Last year at BWII I watched the players coming and going from the UN Safe Zone and after 4 hours people were dropping like flies on a flat wooded area like Harms Way. Imagine running up and down stairs for 8 hours at the Hospital in Picton carrying all your gear.

Now for those guys in the reserves and in good shape they can handle 24 to 36 hour of non-stop pounding but for the average airsofter a 24 hour non-stop game equals injuries especially knee and back.

Anyways just my two cents.

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