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Originally Posted by chester View Post

Especially if it helps on the supply and pricing side of things, I'd be good with regulation as well.
Regulation does cut both ways... in the current regime we have pretty liberal access and the bar to enter the activity is currently pretty low ( particularly with the clear receiver guns proliferating now)

I know there are a lot of people who see these turns of events as "the end of airsoft as we know it" and I don't dissagree.. but I'm not one to fret over what is a reality.

To preserve the exclusivity of this activity which has been both a boon and a curse... more regulation would tip the balance back to keeping the community within the 1%er realm.

Its a complex question... it seems pretty extreem to require licensing to possess what is in the end.. a toy gun... but if this is what is required to forestall an outright ban... which is what many in government and LE would like to see... then what choice is there?
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